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Cooling Towers

BIS Both Industrial Services B.V. – Customer-Oriented Industrial Cooling Solutions.

Mechanical parts for cooling towers and air coolers in the petro-chemical industry.

BIS Both Industrial Services has specialised in engineering and supply of mechanical equipment for cooling towers and air coolers. With more than 35 years experience we can select the most optimal design of high quality components for any installation in service. Her customers are found in the (petro)chemical, steel and offshore industries, the power generating sector and engineering companies. BIS cooperates closely with suppliers in the US, the Far East as well as in Europe and offers world-wide the following products: fans, fan stacks, gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, electric motors, VFD’s and other equipment.

Who are we and what can we do for your business?

BIS Both Industrial Services B.V. has a long history stretching back to 1987. Our dedicated engineers use the latest sophisticated computer programs and can aid you in every phase of your project, whether your installation is old or new. Services include engineering, contracting, commissioning and after services.

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BIS Both Industrial Services B.V. is a member of CTI, Cooling Technology Institute, USA.

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